We think our game is great, and so do our players!

The following testimonials are from real people, some of whom have been playing our games for decades. 


“I have played MEPBM since 1991 with some breaks when life threw me a curve.

“I believe the technology involved has made this game very quick to facilitate and the new modules keep players interested in coming back.

“The communication is usually above average and the game company certainly can’t please everyone but they are quick to respond and courteous even when delivering news I don’t want to read.

I am hard pressed to find something bad to say – honestly this has been a part of my life for over 20 years. Keep up the effort and enjoy your toil – a truly special product for us players.”

Jason Roberts



“One of the best team gaming experiences you can have in any gaming format or genre!

“Middle-earth turn-based gaming transports you to the world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings where you can rule over a nation at a time of war and strife.

“The two-week turnaround provides you with plenty of time for team discussion and planning during your busy life schedule.”

Raven Zachary



“Within our societies of instant gratification MEPBM stands alone. A game where a year of play is a short game,  a mistake made can haunt you for months , and a victory will stay with you forever. If you want to actually think, plan, and mentally battle this is THE game for you.”

Whit Cooper



“This game is superb. Great team play, quick turn around, very affordable, totally immersive and if you think you know everything about Middle Earth and The Lord of the Rings (like I did!) then think again!

“The game has several great variants and the encounters and riddles give you a real challenge. The game stays absolutely true to the writings and ideas of Tolkein so no re-writes or lame adjustments to the canon.

“I really like the nation building element and have tried military, diplomatic, agent and magic dominated nations. There are no ‘super nations’, each one can be made great!

“The GM’s are very available for queries, as is the community, and with the occasional mass gathering either in person or online you can play face to face as well as remotely. I particularly like gaming with people from all over the world. The turns don’t take long to do, although you’ll spend plenty of time thinking about them!

“Good luck, and if you work out what to if you meet a Balrog let me know!”

Simon Aalders



“I love playing Middle-Earth Play-by-(e)Mail. It’s like a chess board with 25 players…It’s exciting and gives me scope for both deep and creative thinking, to come up with the best strategy. With the other players who  are ‘with me’ each game can be both a social activity and a cooperative enterprise. “

Jeremy Richman



“MEPBM is the best turn-based game.”

David Oistrach


“What I love is the depth…And I have met many new friends from all over the world. I could literally fly to the UK or Australia or Spain and have someone offer me a place to stay and a meal because of this game.”