To play our games, we recommend that you use our dedicated software, JOverseer.

(Experienced players, note that this includes many of the old standalone programs.)

Don't forget to check out our Video Guides, which cover all aspects of JOverseer, from installation and setup to how to use the software.

A few things to note when downloading/installing:

  • If you are using Windows 11, by default this is in S(afe) mode, which won't allow you to download JOverseer. To fix, go to control panel/app and browser control, and turn 'potentially unwanted app blocking' off. (If you're worried about doing this, just turn it back on after you have successfully downloaded JOverseer.)
  • If you are using a Chrome browser, it may attempt to block the download as 'potentially dangerous'. It isn't(!), and other browsers such as Firefox should allow you to download it safely.
    (If you are uncertain about doing this, we recommend downloading the file then checking it with your virus software.)
  • When installing, your computer may warn you that the software is unsafe. Again, it isn't!
  • When installing, if you get a message saying 'computer has protected your PC', clicking more info will allow you to continue.
  • If you do not have Java on your machine, the install will fail. You can either install Java, or go to Pogram Files/JOverseer, and run jOverseerUpdater.bat.
  • Please save JOverseer, game files, orders and results to your hard drive, not to the cloud. Otherwise it might not work correctly.
  • If you find you cannot save your game file, you may need to grant JOverseer save permissions in any Ransomware/anti-virus software you have installed.
  • If you are a Linux user, please get in touch for instructions on how to install JOverseer.



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