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Champions of Middle-earth™
Single Game or
4-Player Tournament

Now available for 2 or 4 players!

The hour is late in the Third Age of Middle-earth.

For long years has the Dark Lord Sauron been forced to bide his time, working in darkness and shadow. But now his reach grows long, stretching like a shadow from the mountain fastness of Mordor. His Nazgûl stalk the night, evil stirs in the deep places, and called forth by his command, Goblins and Orcs spill like maggots from their tunnels and lairs.

But all hope is not yet lost for the Free Peoples of the land. The One Ring, in which Sauron bound his power and his malice, remains in the keeping of Frodo, safe, for now at least. And Gandalf, escaped from the treachery of Saruman, makes with all haste north to Imladris, which yet remains as a torch lit against the gathering dark. For Elves, Dwarves and Men all stand ready to battle the forces of Sauron, awaiting but a leader, and the call to arms.

The world stands upon the edge of a knife. And its fate will be decided by the Champions of Middle-earth.


Set during the events of The Lord of the Rings, Champions of Middle-earth is a two or four player game, and is very different to our other modules.

Each player starts with only a ‘micro nation’, consisting of two characters and a handful of population centres. From this starting point, they must seek out and recruit powerful Champion characters with which to build their nations. These come with a variety of benefits, including population centres, armies, artifacts, special nation abilities, and even other characters.

Through the choice of characters you recruit, you can decide what kind of nation to build, be it military, magic or agent-based. But you will only be able to recruit some of the many characters available, so choose wisely!


Module Features:

  • Play as Gandalf, Sauron, Dain or Saruman, and lead the forces of Good or Evil
  • Recruit dozens of powerful Champion NPCs to fight for your cause
  • Featuring all the major characters and locations from The Lord of the Rings
  • Choose characters to suit your style of play
  • Brand new riddles and encounters
  • Every artifact has a secondary ability
  • Setups include 5 free turns
  • Turns run as soon as all players have their orders in


What Players are Saying

“I love it! There are many variables and I’m just trying out one of them…This game has rejuvenated my love for MEPBM.” Dan Cosby

“Mighty impressed with Champions of Middle-earth. It’s a very solid combination of KS (with NPCs) and 2950 (world setting) and the ability to ‘customize’ each side. Looking forward to many games of CME.” Nick Cody

“CME is thoroughly enjoyable, cranking out the turns reminds me somewhat of the pace we set at last year’s face to face.” John Welty

“I am very much loving the CME variant so far!” Frank Gingrich
“I am really loving the Champions of Middle Earth module…The pace is also fantastic – in my current games we are getting a turn done every 2-3 days. Because it is head to head we’re not waiting for a huge crowd to submit orders. Ian Koxvold

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