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Game 265 (Gunboat)
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A 3-nation Gunboat game of our 2950 module.

Play three, pay for two! One nation is free as long as you have three nations in play.



Rewards to spend on improving your starting nation.

One Champion Character per nation (champion Characters can be issued up to three orders a turn).

Pre-aligned neutrals to ensure a balanced game.

Shared results.

Randomised artifacts.


About the Third Age 2950 Setting

At the end of the Second Age, Sauron was thrown down from power. At the beginning of the Third Age, his ring, the One Ring, vanished from all knowledge of man and dwarf, elf and Maia. But Sauron was only defeated, not destroyed. And the One Ring was only lost; and what was lost, can once again be found.

The year 2950 of the Third Age finds Sauron’s servants growing ever more powerful, both within the mountain fortress of Mordor and in the lands beyond. Rumours that the One Ring moves once more on the face of Middle-earth drive him to increasingly desperate attempts to possess it, the Nazgul scouring the land in ceaseless search.

The Free Peoples of Middle-earth, first devastated by the Great Plague and then weakened by war and strife, are scattered, divided. But there is strength still, in the hearts of man and in the mines of the dwarves, and the elves are not yet all gone from the land.

And there are yet other nations, independent empires who have managed to remain apart from the struggle between Sauron and the Free Peoples. But who, for good or for ill, will surely play a part in the coming months of conflict.

  • A less frantic game start than the 1650 setting, giving both sides time to gather their strength before the action begins.
  • Choose your play style: whilst the Dark Servants have the better agents, the Free Peoples can call on superior magics with which to defeat their enemies.


About Gunboat Games

In Gunboat games, each player runs multiple nations, and almost no diplomacy is allowed.

The only communication allowed between players of the same allegiance is a short diplomatic message, which can be sent to all members of your team on certain specified turns.

No form of contact at all is permitted with players on other teams.

Each player runs either two or three nations - this will be specified in the game details.

View or Download the Gunboat Variant Rules