Game Reports

Game 42: Oh for a Palantir

By Jeremy Richman


I thought this game was an absolute blast and so much fun! Of course it helps that I was on the winning side, despite one of my three nations going out in the mid-game and another losing its homeland shortly after. Being in a 3-way game is always so rare especially one with all sides evenly matched to start.

Part of the fun is playing three nations that are all in different regions, so I got to see a wider arena than normally, and it was fun trying to figure out what my allies and enemies were up to (Oh for a palantir!!!). Also if one allegiance is prevailing in one area, at least my other two nations would be doing okay. As it turned out, no one allegiance dominated any area in the first 10 turns, IMO. And with three nations, I can choose a wide variety of SNA’s that can fill in all the gaps.

I feel badly for Ernest Hakey who envisioned this scenario and set it up, which meant he didn’t get to play; I hope that MEG will set up the next one (SOON!!!) so he can play, but otherwise I volunteer to do it. I would LOVE to play this again. Most fun .