Finished Games

Game 688

This game has been won by the Usurpers on turn 12!

Congratulations to the Usurpers on their victory.

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Final Nation Victory Points

1 Good 725
2 Good 850
3 Good 833
4 Good 725
5 Good 1500
6 Good 1100
11 Evil 1117
12 Evil 1383
13 Evil 1450
14 Evil 1017
15 Evil 1633
16 Evil 1000
21 Good 500
22 Evil 967


Final Statistics

Highest Emissary Rank Eldacar Line of Eldacar 94
Highest Net Emissary Rank Gandalf the Grey Horselords 96
Highest Net Commander Rank Araphor Kingdom of Arnor 98
Highest Commander Rank Araphor Kingdom of Arnor 88
Highest Net Mage Rank Galadriel Quendi 173
Highest Agent Rank Shelob Line of Castamir 76
Highest Net Agent Rank Slyardach Line of Morlaen 94
Highest Challenge Rank Ren the Unclean Line of Elendin 210
Highest Mage Rank Murazor Witch Realm of Angmar 78
Most Mithril   Rebels of Ered Lithui 878
Most Artifacts   Line of Morlaen 25
Most Kills   Line of Morlaen 6