Finished Games

Game 682

This game has been won by the Loyalists on turn 13!

Congratulations to the Loyalists on their victory.

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Final Nation Victory Points

1 Good 1100  
2 Good 1258  
3 Good 1667  
4 Good 1717  
5 Good 1408  
6 Good 1717  
11 Evil 600  
12 Evil 700  
13 Evil 900  
14 Evil 825  
15 Evil 525 Yes
16 Evil 825  
21 Good 908  
22 Evil 650  


Final Statistics

Highest Emissary Rank Eldacar Line of Eldacar 100
Highest Net Agent Rank Radagast Line of Eldacar 87
Highest Agent Rank Faris Rebels of Ered Lithui 76
Highest Challenge Rank Gandalf the Grey Rebels of Ered Lithui 163
Highest Net Mage Rank Gandalf the Grey Rebels of Ered Lithui 132
Highest Net Commander Rank Duranil Line of Elendin 84
Highest Net Emissary Rank Sauron Hithlum 103
Highest Mage Rank Murazor  Witch Realm of Angmar 82
Highest Commander Rank Aradan Line of Tirkhor 74
Highest Emissary Rank Borin Khazad 100
Most Artifacts   Line of Eldacar 17
Most Mithril   Rebels of Ered Lithui 603
Most Kills   Line of Castamir 4
Most Kills   Line of Morlaen 4