Finished Games

Game 677

This game has been won by the Usurpers on turn 21!

Congratulations to the Usurpers on their victory.

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Final Nation Victory Points

1 Good 775
2 Good 975
3 Good 675
4 Good 600
5 Good 550
6 Good 800
11 Evil 1249
12 Evil 950
13 Evil 1050
14 Evil 1292
15 Evil 1717
16 Evil 1867
21 Good 633
22 Evil 1667


Final Nation Statistics

Highest Emissary Rank Aldarmir Rebels of Ered Lithui 110
Highest Agent Rank Baradir Line of Morlaen 80
Highest Net Agent Rank Caramir Line of Morlaen 110
Highest Net Commander Rank Castamir Line of Castamir 172
Highest Emissary Rank Eldacar Line of Eldacar 110
Highest Challenge Rank Elrond Quendi 232
Highest Net Mage Rank Elrond Quendi 190
Highest Mage Rank Elrond Quendi 90
Highest Net Emissary Rank Gandalf the Grey Rebels of Ered Lithui 113
Highest Agent Rank Kehledurch Rebels of Ered Lithui 80
Highest Commander Rank Rogrog Witch Realm of Angmar 79
Highest Agent Rank Sirandir Line of Morlaen 80
Highest Emissary Rank Zimrakhil Southron Kingdoms 110
Most Mithril   Rebels of Ered Lithui 1650
Most Kills   Line of Morlaen 12
Most Artifacts   Southron Kingdoms 33