JOverseer isn’t checking for the latest version

jOverseer updating is controlled by the preferences, which you can see from the Preferences->Updates tab.

If the Preference is not set to check for a new version, then it won’t check!

As of version 1.16.3 a new menu item Help->Check for Update is available which will allow the user to force a check, and which the user can force the update download to happen, even if the version number appears to be the latest.

JOverseer only checks for updates at startup, and will wait 2 weeks before checking again. Sometimes you may want to force an update.

  • Starting jOverseer with the -U option which should reset the ‘last checked’ time and check for an update.
  • Edit the registry and remove the last time stamp: \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Prefs\org\joverseer\ui\last/Version/Check/Date (yes – the slashes are in the key name!)
  • Close jOverseer and run jOverseerUpdater.exe which will unconditionally download the latest update.

If none of those work, then check that the RSS feed has published the latest, and that the preferences are set to the correct RSS feed. The main feed is

Note that the world+dog moved away from http:// to https:// circa 2020 and as a result, if any of the update addresses are on the old http://, then various bits of windows/java/anti-virus/web-libraries, can leap in and try to redirect to https://, which make java confused and refuse to connect. At version about 1.16.17+ JO will automatically re-write the links to be https://, but if you are on an older version then you will have to change the links manually in Preferences to fix the auto-update.