I want to revert to an older version

If you have a show-stopping problem and want to go back to an older version of jOverseer until a fix is available, then it may be possible. A limited number of older updates are available.

To see if a specific update is available, open an internet browser and try ‘https://www.gamesystems.com/software/joverseer/url-1.16.xx.html` where xx is 1 or 2 digits of the desired version. If the update is not available, then it won’t find the file.

To force jOverseer to use that older version:

  • open jOverseer
  • find the Preferences->Updates section
  • change the Download pointer for updates to the https://www.middleearth.com/software/joverseer/url-1.16.xx.html that worked before
  • force an update check: Help->Check For Updates and then click Update even if nothing appears in the text window.
  • Once the update has happened, go back and change the download pointer to https://www.middleearth.com/software/joverseer/url.html, so you can get notified of when a new update appears, otherwise you could get stuck on an old version!
  • You can now refuse to install updates when jOverseer notices, unless you can see that it fixes your problem.
  • Drop an email to middleearthgames letting them know that you are having problems, so that they can prioritise bug-fixes.