Help & Advice

Basic Advice

Getting started in your first game can be daunting. So in this article you can find a list of simple things to do in your first few turns. The tactics may not be subtle, but they should work!

Then by the time you have run a few turns, you’ll have your own ideas about how to rule your nation and can discard these suggestions.



  • Look at your frontsheet. Contact your allies. Find an experienced player who is willing to take you under his or her wing.
  • Get your turn in a few days before the deadline. Contact us if you are unsure about something and we’ll do what we can to help explain.



  • If you have a 50+ rank commander at your capital, Raise Taxes to 52% (order 300, p67). If you don’t have a 50, try with a 40 rank commander.
  • If you have a 30+ rank commander at your capital, Name Commander (order 728, p93).
  • Commanders of rank 35+ at your capital should Downgrade Relations (order 185, p63) to nearby enemy nations.
  • All army commanders should Recruit Heavy Infantry (order 408, p75) from Cities, Major Towns or Towns. Don’t bother with weapons, armour or food. The morale loss from unfed troops is not important.
  • If you meet an enemy army with one of your armies, your army commander should Attack Enemy (order 230, p64) and Refuse Challenges (order 215, p63)



  • Agents are not important until they reach rank 55+
  • Rank 10-45 Stay at your capital, Guard Location (order 605, p87) and Natsell (order 325, p 68)
  • If you have a 30+ rank agent at your capital, Name Agent (order 731, p94).
  • Levels 45-55 Move Character (order 810, p99) to an allied camp and Steal Gold (order 690, p 92).



  • Rank 10-35 Stay at your capital or Move Character (order 810, p99) to any population centre with a loyalty of 20 or below, and Infyour (order 520, p84)
  • If you have a 30+ rank emissary at your capital, Name Emissary (order 734, p94).
  • Level 35+ Move Character (order 810, p99) to non-road plains hexes. Create camp (order 555, p 86) The rules do not tell you that there is a fixed limit on the number of population centres in the game, so you must hurry. Your allies will explain when that limit is reached.



  • Mages are not important until they reach rank 55+
  • Do not name more Mages.
  • Prentice Magery (order 710, p 93) at your capital and Natsell (order 325, p68)



  • Always have a character at your capital who can Natsell (order 325, p68). Sell whichever product will make you the most money, every turn. Agents and Mages in training are good for this.
  • Keep an eye on your revenue. If you have a deficit of, say, 6000 gold, then make sure you leave 6000 gold in your treasury.
  • If you have a deficit of over 10000 gold, ask your teammates to send you some. It is entirely normal for rich nations to give money to the poor. Also stop recruiting.



Nation Advice

Note that this advice is for a standard 1650 setting.

Free Peoples

  • Woodmen: Attack 2305 and 2715. Name agents. Ask for gold
  • Northmen: Name Emissaries. Expect Dark Servant agents. Talk to the Easterlings.
  • Eothraim: Attack 3221. Ask for gold.
  • Arthedain: Attack 1804. Talk to Rhudaur.
  • Cardolan: Recruit everywhere and attack 1804. Talk to the Dunlendings.
  • North Gondor. Attack 3224. Expect to be stolen from.
  • South Gondor. Attack 3224. Talk to Harad and the Corsairs.
  • Dwarves. Join in attacks by neighbours.
  • Sinda. Attack 2715, 3224.
  • Noldo. Attack 2409 and the Witch King. Give gold. Locate Artefacts.


Dark Servants

  • Witch King. Fight Arthedain and Cardolan. Ask for gold. Talk to Rhudaur.
  • Dragon Lord. Ask for gold. Expect to lose 2715 soon. Talk to the Dunlendings.
  • Dog Lord. Fight Eothraim.
  • Cloud Lord. Give Gold. Name agents.
  • Blind Sorcerer. Give Gold. Locate Artefacts.
  • Ice King. Delay Free armies. Ask for a ‘Back-up Pop centre’
  • Quiet Avenger. Diplome with Hard and the Corsairs. Name emissaries.
  • Fire King. Recruit everywhere. Attack N Gondor.
  • Long Rider. Make a super agent. Talk to the Easterlings. Attack Northmen.
  • Dark Lieutenants. Support West Mordor.



  • Talk to your neighbours.
  • Change allegiance to the side which gives you the best advice.